About Us



Prospect Free Library desires to be an integral part of our community by working with its citizens and other organizations to create an environment that is conducive to good learning and living.



Prospect Free Library serves as a welcoming community center where books, technological resources, and programs are provided for lifelong learning and enjoyment.

Library By-Laws

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Annual Report To Community

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I.                 Provide a comfortable space, a welcoming atmosphere, and a facility that can meet the needs of our patrons

1. Add a porch

2. Add a drop box

3. Install new windows and siding

4. Install CCTV

5. Install air conditioning


II.               Satisfy curiosity, stimulate imagination, and promote lifelong learning by providing written, visual, and audio materials and programs to members of a diverse community

1. Develop patron e-mail list

2. Purchase materials for a diverse group of people

3. Ensure program committee is active yearly

4. Provide programs for different age groups

5. Solicit input and feedback from patrons periodically to ensure we meet their needs


III.              Provide a multi-focal building within Prospect that can be used for many purposes and meet the needs of different community organizations

1. Promote availability of the facility for outside use

2. Obtain and use grant monies to pay for building improvements


IV.             Pursue financial stability

1. Develop a fundraising database

2. Organize and maintain an active fundraising committee

3. Search for and apply for grants

4. Develop a relationship with the Community Foundation

5. Pay off mortgage


V.               Provide current technological resources

1. Create a website

2. Upgrade technological equipment as it advances

3. Train staff and patrons on programs and equipment